Hello and welcome to the Middle East Scroll!

edge of tomorrow.jpgThe site is up, the logo done – and so I will start posting news and updates tomorrow!

As I say in the about page, this page is going to be dedicated to history as well, so there won’t just be posts about news or analysis. I’m going to find interesting segments of history in the Middle East that have impacted it to this day – such as what Iran was like before the 1979 Islamic Revolution, the Arab Spring – all kinds of that stuff.

So here’s all the segments I have planned currently, so you can watch out for them:

  • Dissecting the Islamic State – I will read Dabiq as well as other ISIS propaganda occasionally, and post notes about what we can infer about its ideology, as well as try and find what motivates it. After all, you can’t beat an ideology before first knowing what it is.
  • History Posts – Occasionally, maybe once a week, I will pull from a few books and articles and post an interesting story from it. I will try to cover most Middle Eastern countries. Let me know if you have any interesting stories that you think I should cover!
  • Regular News Updates – What is Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi eating for lunch this Friday? Well, hopefully it will be something of more consequence than that, actually. Most major events I will cover, and try to analyze in more depth than major news outlets do.

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