US military aid deal to Israel worth over $38 billion

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

As one of the US’s top allies in the Middle East, Israel is often included in lucrative military deals to ensure their cooperation, as well as to solidify the friendship between the two countries. And, needless to say, this new deal is an extension of this policy. The deal entitles Israel to spend $3.8 billion per year for ten years, but will have to spend more and more of the money on American military industries as each year passes.

As for the reasons for the deal, there are many. Some think that the reason why the new military deal involves such a large amount of money is to make up in a way for the Iran deal, which Israel PM Netanyahu and other Israelis have decried. The new aide package is also one of the largest ever in the amount of money for use in Israel’s military; and also one of the largest given to any country, ever.

The provision allocates $500 million per year for missile defense of Israel, which many think is necessary, given Iran’s aggression, and the popular talking point that Iran’s nuclear power facilities will allow Iran to more easily create nuclear bombs and threaten Israel and the US’s allies.

Another reason is because of the amount of instability in regions nearby Israel. The Atlantic’s Emma Green describes it thusly: “war-torn Syria to the northeast, Hezbollah-influenced Lebanon to the north, and an Islamist insurgency in Egypt’s Sinai to the south.”

So now that we know the political reasons for the deal, it’s time to talk whether this deal is worth it. I realize that the US wants to make amends for its actions on the deal, but the US’s constant rewards to Israel makes it seem as though we don’t really care what Israel does with Palestine, especially given the Gaza Strip bombings that happened only recently this year, killing over 2000 people, who were mostly civilians. Bombings in general aren’t precise enough to be able to do the targeted strikes to kill terrorists, but it’s not like the Israeli Defense Force is not capable of doing a targeted strike on terrorists and not killing a lot of innocent civilians.

So I think in a way, we’re rewarding bad behavior. If we don’t hold Israel accountable for its actions, it could lead to much worse results, especially given the current party in control of Israel, the Likud party, are continuing Israel’s controversial settlement policy, which directly stands in the way of helping to solve the Israel-Palestine conflict, and in my opinion is too inflammatory to be politically palatable.

Well, that’s just my two cents. If anyone disagrees with me, feel free to post what you think in the comments.


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