Boat carrying migrants capsizes of the coast of Egypt, hundreds likely dead

A boat capsizes off the coast of Italy, May 2016

Ever since the migrant crisis began in 2015, Syrian refugees as well as other migrants from nearby Middle Eastern countries have been flooding in huge amounts towards European countries. Many of these refugees and economic migrants, because of incredible demand, end up being forced to use unsafe methods of transport operated by unsavory people. And because the captains allow so many people are on board, sometimes things turn very bad very quickly.

So that would be my best estimation of what happened in this tragic incident, too. Fifty bodies have been retrieved from the waters off of the coast of Egypt, and many of the migrants on board went to a hospital after they were rescued.

Most of the survivors of the capsizing ship survived by holding out in the cold storage room, where over a hundred took refuge.

According to the UN, over 10,000 people have died en route to European countries in the Mediterranean, just since 2014. That’s an absolutely crazy amount – these journeys are so perilous and too many of the boats bringing migrants aren’t doing enough to ensure their passengers’ safety. For reference, three thousand people were killed from 9/11, and that was one of the most impactful events in the US in the past two decades. And all of these migrants’ deaths have happened in just two and a half years.

According to the BBC, only one of the survivors of the capsizing was actually Syrian, out of 152 – meaning a lot of the people making this extremely dangerous journey are simply economic migrants looking for a better future, rather than refugees fleeing a war. I find that kind of mind-blowing, honestly – it’s so dangerous, but people who are just looking for work are making the trip too?

Things must be getting bad in Egypt too.


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