ISIS crushes rebellion plot, executes plotters in Mosul

Civilians walk over the rubble of the Yunus mosque in Mosul. Picture courtesy of the WSJ.

In propaganda, ISIS tries to portray their caliphate as a holy paradise, where everyone is glad to be. But after a top aide of Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi (the leader of ISIS) along with fifty seven other people tried to revolt, it’s becoming clear that inside ISIS, the fractures are beginning to deepen.

The plotters sought to switch sides, and help the Iraqi government to regain control of Mosul. But after the attempt failed, ISIS (rather unsurprisingly) showed no mercy. All 58 plotters and accused were drowned and dumped in a mass grave.

The rebels were apparently caught after one of the cell phones of a rebel were discovered to mention a weapon transfer. In interrogation, the rebel gave up information on the plot, and then ISIS was able to find out who was part of it.

Mosul is one of the most populous cities under Islamic State control, and is widely expected to become a battleground that makes or breaks the Islamic State when the Iraqi government eventually pushes into it.


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