Assad plays dumb, UN human rights chief calls Aleppo bombardment a ‘slaughterhouse’

Human rights chief Zeid Al Hussein gives a speech.

While the UN and other countries try to shed light on the horrific conditions in Aleppo and around Syria as the regime of Bashar Al-Assad and Russia continue to push to retake the country, Assad is busy doing what he does best: playing obstructionist.

After being asked by a Swiss media outlet what he would say to the family of Omar Daqneesh, the boy captured in an iconic picture that showcases the brutality of the airstrikes against Syrian civilians, Assad had no good answer to give.

“This is a forged picture and not a real one,” He said, in complete sincerity.

Omar Daqneesh, bloody and covered in dust, after being rescued by White Helmet volunteers.

Despite the fact that we have Daqneesh’s rescue on video, Assad still persists in his denialism of basic reality. And Assad insists on bashing the White Helmets, a rescue group set up to save civilians from destroyed buildings and conflict zones, and possibly one of the few bright spots of the Syrian civil war thus far. He’s a truly deplorable person, unwilling to accept any evidence that indicts him of anything bad. At least if he admitted to the horrors caused by his manic desire to rule Syria, he’d have some shred of honor.

But instead, the Russian and Syrian propaganda machines are churning to make anything that seems bad okay by declaring all opposition ‘terrorists’. But Daqneesh is too young to be one, so instead Assad has to claim that the whole thing was made up, just to make his government look good, if you don’t know what’s going on. What’s even more absurd is his wife seems to think that Assad is wrong, and that the picture isn’t a forgery.

And while Assad is continuing his ‘war on truth’, the UN human rights chief, Zeid Ra’ad Al-Hussein, has come out very strongly against the airstrikes in Syria, calling the warzone a ‘slaughterhouse’. And I’m sure Al-Hussein will soon be receiving hit pieces declaring him a ‘foreign influence’ looking for a regime change, and maybe, he’ll even be accused of supporting terrorism!


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