Former vice president of Egypt defers responsibility for 2013 massacre


After a three year silence on a massacre that killed 800 and injured nearly 4000, former Egyptian vice president Mohamed el-Baradei has finally addressed it.

In a lengthy post on Facebook, Baradei said that he opposed the violent dispersal of protestors in Rabaa, and that the state-run media was spreading misinformation to discredit him.

The Rabaa massacre, in which Egyptian security forces raided protester camps in Cairo, is one of the bloodiest days in Egypt after the 2011 Egyptian revolution. After the revolution, military leader and Islamist Mohamed Morsi became the president, but was quickly deposed in 2013 after massive protests.

But supporters of Morsi were also among the protesters, and many were situated in two camps in Cairo. There were plans to try and have the protesters disperse peacefully, but after the plans were leaked, the pro-Morsi protesters started fortifying themselves in with sandbags, bricks, and concrete barriers.

So police in riot gear invaded to try and clear the protest camps, using live ammo and tear gas. Helicopters were present over the camp, and snipers protected police from the rooftops.

The news of the massacre led to even more chaos, with Muslim Brotherhood supporters attacking government buildings and barricading themselves in a mosque. The Egyptian government declared a state of emergency for a full month.



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