Islamic State leader claims Turkey is the next target for invasion in audio tape

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi speaks in a video released by the Islamic State.

In strikingly bold terms for a militant group that has been gradually pushed back out of half of its territory, the de-facto leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi called for an invasion of Turkey as Iraqi and Kurdish troops push into the ‘capital’ of ISIS, Mosul.

The audio was released on the Islamic State site, and appears to be an attempt at a morale boost for ISIS fighters currently battling for control of Mosul. Baghdadi also expresses confidence that the invasion into Mosul will be repelled, despite being massively under-equipped and having about a third of the number of troops.

So will ISIS try an invasion of Turkey? I seriously doubt it. It would be a huge mistake to even try. While ISIS has been able to gain a large amount of Iraqi territory, it hasn’t even managed to finish off the gridlocked and morale-lacking Iraqi government. The Turkish government and military is far more effective, is a part of the NATO alliance, and there is no way ISIS would have enough fighters to hold its Iraqi territory AND push into Turkey.

The only reason that this audio tape seems to exist is a morale boost to fighters who believe in ISIS’s proclaimed mission to conquer all the way to Rome. The Islamic State invading Turkey at this point is such a bad idea it’s almost comical.


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