Ancient Assyrian city of Nimrud found destroyed by Iraqi troops

Ancient ruins in the city of Nimrud.

The death throes of ISIS?

As part of the Mosul offensive, the Iraqi army recently retook the archaeological excavation site and historical ruin of Nimrud from Islamic State control. Nimrud is an ancient Assyrian city, near the city of Nineveh (Mostly known for its mention in the Old Testament).

The Assyrian Empire at its height was made up of many different countries, stretching from Egypt to modern-day Iran. It was later defeated in around 600 BC, by a coalition of peoples that had previously been its subjects.

ISIS has destroyed much of the surviving artifacts and buildings, as is per their tendency to damage anything they deem ‘blasphemous’. A once massive ziggurat, that was one of the largest surviving buildings of the ancient world, has become a small pile of rubble. Statues, temples, paintings, and even things that it would be hard to describe as blasphemous like brick walls, have been smashed and left as piles of rocks.

Luckily, many of the destroyed relics are preserved in pictures, but it is a real shame that many of these interesting and valuable symbols of antiquity will never be able to visited or studied in greater detail.


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