Syrian goverment advance in Aleppo causes 16,000 to flee in 48 hours

Citizens of Aleppo are leaving due to a lack of rations and encroaching violence as troops push forward.

As the Syrian army has continued its offensive on Aleppo, it has seemed more and more like the rebels are going to lose the vital city. Ever since Russia teamed up with President Bashar Al-Assad to retake lost land in Syria, Russia’s funding and much more professional military has made the momentum the rebels previously had disappear.

The Red Cross reported the mass exodus after pro-Syrian forces pushed ahead in the 73 mile-long city, which before the war had a population of more than 2 million people. Aleppo has been under siege for four months, and has had a serious lack of supplies coming in since then. Rations ran out a few weeks ago, according to UN sources, and the situation has gotten more desperate because of the Syrian government’s policy of humanitarian aide obstruction.

The citizens fleeing are going in several different directions, with some of them retreating further to the East of Aleppo, which is under rebel control, and others going to shelters provided by the regime in the West.

Will the rebels hold Aleppo? So far, it doesn’t seem like they have the means to push the Syrian regime out again, so it seems unlikely. But things may change as the conflict drags on.


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