Survey shows little divide in what the US should do about ISIS

Makhmour, Iraq   May 13 2016
Troops prepare for an invasion of ISIS-held lands.

To gauge people’s attitudes about what the US should do about ISIS, I created a new survey. So now I’m going to share the results, and I’ll see what I can try and find from the information.


So most people support being involved somehow in the destruction of ISIS. Only a small percentage of 18% support not getting involved at all, although many want to show more caution, rather than invade ISIS immediately, probably due to the aftermath of the Iraq war.

The survey matches closely with a Pew Research Center poll which showed 76% of Americans support limited military intervention against the Islamic State. About 82% of people support some kind of intervention in the survey I conducted.


Surprisingly, despite most people thinking that military intervention against ISIS is fine, the amount of people that think drone strikes are justified and constitutional drops off. This is probably due to many thinking that drones strikes are not constitutional, and due to the high rate of civilian casualties occasionally caused by drone strikes.


Many people are conflicted on this issue, and it looks like a few that support military action against ISIS would prefer not to be involved in messy world politics. Not surprising, but it is interesting nonetheless.


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